Our neighborhood is situated in southwest unincorporated DeKalb county within metro Atlanta, frequently referred to as “East Atlanta.” Our neighborhood is located 1.5 miles southeast of the East Atlanta Village, primarily comprised of single family homes zoned as R-75, residential medium lots. The boundaries of our neighborhood can best be defined as being north of Eastland Rd SE, west of Bouldercrest Dr SE, south of Orange Blossom Terrace SE, and east of McKenzie Trace. Surrounding neighborhoods include Glen Emerald to the south, Gresham Park to the east, Cloverdale and Skyhaven to the west.

Our neighborhood resides in the following districts (see this link for names of individuals in their respective offices/positions):

  • DeKalb County Commissioner District 3
  • DeKalb Super Commissioner District 6
  • State House of Representatives House District 89
  • State Senate District 44
  • US House or Representatives Georgia 5th Congressional District