Speed Humps on Young

We are considering advocating for the installation of speed humps on Young St SE, similar to what was installed on “East Sargent” this past Fall of 2019. Our motivation for pursuing the additional traffic calming include: Greater safety for pedestrians, children, and pets in our neighborhood, as there are no sidewalks on Young Safer ingress/egress […]

Tire Amnesty Day

DeKalb County Sanitation is hosting it’s Tire Amnesty Day on Saturday, September 14th from 8am – 1pm. Check out DeKalb County Sanitation for more information. We have a few tire collection events in the neighborhood, check out the events calendar for more information

Stop the Swap – Save Intrenchment Creek

DeKalb County is currently weighing the possibility of executing a land swap with Blackhall Studios for a park a mile south of our neighborhood on Bouldercrest Drive. While Blackhall Studios and some county commissioners argue the land swap will increase economic growth for our county and local businesses, details have come to light that raise […]